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I grew up in Rochester, NY - the birthplace of Kodak - where George Eastman invented a simple box camera that came loaded with a 100-exposure roll of film. I guess you could say photography has always been around me. 


I’ll never forget my first camera at 14 and how I took pictures of everything I saw, but my real jump into the industry was in my high school dark room. It was there where I learned how to take and produce images just like George Eastman did ( kind of - technology was a bit better in 1997 as opposed to 1888), but it was in that room where something happened and I grew to love freezing a moment in time. I got so good at it my senior year of High School I was asked to be an assistant instructor. 


At 17, I started working in a camera shop and being around photo enthusiasts from beginner to professional helped fuel this fire inside of me to better my own craft. I would spend hours teaching the community the inter workings of various camera settings and practice how to capture the best shot.


In 2019, I started scuba diving and got a taste of this underwater world. I can recall seeing a hawkfish for the first time and wishing I could share it. It has since become a passion of mind to be able to show others life under the sea.


While underwater photography is exhilarating, seeing a child light up when they look at their parents makes my heart melt. That’s why family and portrait photography is also a part of my repertoire. Family has always been significant in my life. My wife is always scrapbooking and helping to properly document our family memories and vacations. I would be honored to help capture yours. 


We live in Rockville, MD with our dog Chico, where my wife is used to me rushing back outside after a walk with the dog to photograph a baby deer in the woods, or some other wildlife in our neighborhood. 


Currently a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Assistant Instructor, I regularly attend the DEMA (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) conference to hone my craft and better understand the trends and latest technology in underwater photography.

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